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"We are asleep for nearly a third of our lives.” Scientific analysis on sleep is progressing even now, and we have reached an age where people who care about their sleep know words like REM sleep and non-REM sleep.

Furthermore, research has been ongoing, and we are nearly on the scientific level of being able to answer, “Why do humans sleep?” We are in an environment where we can understand the importance of sleep for mental and physical rest, the brain’s memory function, and more. Despite that, somehow one out of five people suffers from insomnia, and we are nowhere near bringing that number down! We, along with understanding just how important proper sleep is for us, provide “enjoyable sleep” to those worrying about how much sleep they get. With our corporate philosophy of providing better sleep to many, even if it’s just one person, we focus on pillows as playing an important role in “enjoyable sleep”, taking particular care in materials and adding functionality, working sincerely as a company.