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Hug pillows are used as sleep aids — pillows that you can hug as you sleep, acting as both a pillow and a posture support aid. Lying flat on your back is said to be the most ideal sleeping. However, there are many people who find that however hard they try, they just cannot get comfortable and fall asleep while on their backs. Using a hug pillow for support is said to be good for people like these. Hug pillows even provide a sense of security on a mental level, helping you relax and fall asleep. Haven’t you ever found yourself unconsciously gathering up your blanket and hugging it, helping you drift off on otherwise restless nights?

Using a hug pillow helps you relax and gain a sense of security. Before we are born, we live inside our mothers’ wombs — imagine the posture of an unborn child in that position. It looks like the child is hugging something, doesn’t it? Hug pillows help you naturally maintain the fetal position, subconsciously helping you gain the feeling of protection and security of a child in its mother’s womb to fall into a sound and relaxed sleep. ‘I want to be soothed and fall asleep.’ Our hug pillows have been created by turning that notion into a reality.

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A Unique Form for a Natural
and Comfortable Sleeping Posture

Our pillows have an original “narrowing” form. Hug pillows that don’t support your head place strain on your neck. Our therapeutic hug pillows’ special “narrowing” form — their bulges make it easy to rest your head on them, and they lessen the pressure on your arms and shoulders. Lying on your side and passing your arm through the narrowing parts of the pillow lightens the load on your arms and shoulders. The pillow gets gradually wider towards your legs, so even if you wrap your legs around it, they won’t touch, relieving the strain on your knees. Hugging the pillow helps you relax by naturally gaining a comfortable sleeping posture.

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Getting a Sense of Protection and Security through the Fetal Position

A good sleeping posture can be thought of as important for getting good sleep, and you can get a higher quality of sleep through the use of a hug pillow. Before we are born, we develop inside our mothers’ wombs. Our posture at that time is called the “fetal position,” a position that makes us look like we’re clinging on to something. With a hug pillow, you can naturally maintain the fetal position, allowing you to unconsciously feel a sense of protection and security like when you were a child in your mother’s womb that helps you sleep soundly.

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Lightening the Strain on Your Neck,
Arms, and Lower Back.

Our hug pillows help maintain the ideal alignment of your spine and lower back. Using a hug pillow is one way to maintain a stable sleeping posture, but it’s also important not to place additional pressure and strain on your arms, shoulders, lower back, and knees. The shape of a hug pillow can sometimes make it harder to sleep and increase the strain on your body. Our therapeutic hug pillows, however, have bulging parts to easily support your head, a special “narrowing” form that lightens the pressure on your arms and shoulders, and a shape that gradually widens towards the bottom so that your legs don’t touch even if you wrap them around them. Using our therapeutic hug pillows helps you maintain a stable sleeping position, mitigate the strain on your body as you sleep, and get a better quality of sleep.

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Our Therapeutic Hug Pillows’
Top Points from a Specialist’s Perspective

‘A pillow that doesn’t place strain on the lower back while sleeping on one’s side is ideal for those who struggle with snoring and lower back pain.’

Once we become adults, we are burdened by more and more physical fatigue and emotional stress, and when we find it hard to sleep it’s common to wake up in the morning feeling unrefreshed after a night of falling in and out fitful slumber. At such times, the quality of your pillow and mattress can help or hinder your sleep. Hugging something or being hugged helps us feel a sense of security, and both give us a feeling of peace. It’s hard to find something that’s suitable for everyone and goes well with every mattress, as depending on the shape unnecessary strain can be placed on some parts of the body. The “hug pillow” introduced here features large bulges to easily support your head, and a special “narrowing” shape that relieves pressure on your arms and shoulders. Additionally, thanks to such other improvements as a shape that gradually widens towards the bottom so that your legs don’t touch even if you wrap them around it, the pillow relieves the pressure placed on the heads, necks, shoulders, thighs, and knees of the many people who sleep on their side, and results supporting the alignment of the spinal column can be anticipated.”