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what is the arch pillow character

arch pillow system
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People naturally feel the weight
of their arms in their everyday lives

When people sit they automatically rest their elbows on a surface, or if they stand they fold their arms or put their hand in their pockets. These are all actions to reduce the weight pulling on our shoulders and the weight of our arms themselves, in other words, the stress of the arm. The reason that the first class seats on airplanes and luxury sofas are so comfortable is because your elbow area can support your arm, and you don't feel the stress in your shoulders.

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You may create a gap under your shoulders
when you lie face-up

The majority of people lie on their back in bed until they fall asleep.
When you sleep on your back, you can create a gap between your bed and your shoulders.
This gap directly causes both shoulders to take the weight of your arms, which is a source of stress for them.

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Stress is put on your arm
when you turn onto your side

When you turn onto your side, the weight of your head puts stress on your arm which is now underneath. Lots of people have had the experience of using their arms as a pillow and it then becoming numb...

In general a body pillow will help with that, but for some the leg parts get in the way, and it may be hard to use throughout the entire year. Therefore the ideal pillow is one that combines the functions of a normal pillow and a body pillow.

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Advantages of an arch pillow as seen by experts

People with painful necks or stiff shoulders should first suspect their pillow.

Arch Pillows have a shape that allows them to wrap around you from both sides, not just around your head and neck, making it a pillow that also supports your shoulders, which take the weight of your arms while you sleep.

As both arms of the pillow securely support your arms and shoulders, which are much more unsupported when you are sleeping than when you are standing, it makes it possible to get a decent rest .

Though we particularly recommend these pillows to people who have pain in their shoulders and arms, the unique shape of a pillow that wraps all the way around your head and shoulders area provides some stability, which is why we also recommend it for those who want to relax then fall asleep.

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Body pressure dispersion measurement results

Ashikaga Institute of Technology

We can see that while normal pillows support only the head area, Arch Pillows support the entire head, neck, and shoulder region.

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