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air support system
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air support system  will
help you find your "comfortable height."

A 'good pillow' relieves the strain in your neck and shoulders while you are sleeping, and refreshes your head. It is not just simply a device to support your head during sleep, but is a device that shapes your neck and supports your head. However, there are many different neck and head shapes, depending on body type/age/sex, and one must consider the compatibility with your bed or futon.

The air support system can be adjusted to your favorite height using the built-in airbag, even when you are lying down— any height is possible to set!

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While sleeping, blow in air with the pump until your neck rises suddenly (the back of your head no longer feels so much pressure).

Push the valve and gradually let air out, a little at a time. Adjust so that the neck area and back of your head receive about the same pressure.

The airbags used in the air support system are the same bags used by life vest manufacturers, and the pump tube and valve parts are from medical device makers. Through joint development, we have created a safe design which takes into account durability and does not let air leak out.

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Your work and life habits stress your neck

Humans evolved to walk on two legs by balancing their spine, curved in an S-shape, from neck to coccyx. The neck is at the top of this, and curves anteriorly. However, if you do too much desk work, etc., and stick your neck out forward for too long, this curve is warped, and this leads to stress on the neck.

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The ideal is a natural standing posture

"What height is ideal?"
"I cannot adjust to my ideal height…," etc.

You may have such problems when looking for a pillow to buy.
The ideal pillow height allows you to lie back, and supports your cervical spinal arch depending on how deep it is, supporting your neck and head.

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Height changes with state of bedding and changes in weight and condition

This depends upon body type, but the average for men is 3-5 cm, the average for women is 2-3 cm. Depending on the hardness of the bedding you are using, the depth of your cervical spinal arch will also change.

For example, soft bedding leads to your body sinking in, so the angle of the cervical spinal arch will become more shallow than usual. The average height depends from person to person, and changes daily depending on the state of the bedding and changes in weight and condition.

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Different people have different neck heights and head shapes

Since different people each have different cervical spine heights and head shapes, the same pillow shape will not be ideal. The A type head has a flat back side, and therefore, the ideal pillow will be lower because of a shallower cervical spine. The B type head has a long shape with protruding back side, so it requires a certain height of the cervical spine. The last type, the C type, has a long neck with a protruding rear skull, so it requires height in the neck area.

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Key points about height-adjustable pillows from a specialist point of view

Pillows are usually thought to be something under your head, but their real role is to maintain proper neck shape and to let the neck muscles relax.

It has been pointed out that in recent years, many patients go to the hospital with neck and shoulder pain or hand numbness which is probably due to pillows. Ideally, a pillow will support the neck with the correct curvature, but in actuality, neck and head shapes are very variable by body type, age, and sex differences, and the combination with the bed or futon mattress is also very important. Many people sleep on pillows which are not suited for them, and these people are stressing their neck while sleeping, without knowing it.

The air support pillow features a built-in airbag which is inflated to the correct amount of air, adjusted depending on the individual, and can be controlled and adjusted finely until it fits comfortably, so you can create an ideally comfortable sleeping posture at will. We recommend this pillow highly.

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We recommend this pillow in clinical environments to patients as well

The air support pillow allows you to approximate the ideal curve (lower) while sleeping, by inflating the built-in air bag with regulated amounts of air. Furthermore, the shape of the pillow itself, the size, the firmness, and the materials have all been researched thoroughly to create an item which satisfies as many people as possible. We of course provide sound sleep to healthy people, but we have also had many patients test or prototypes, and we have learned that the treatment effect is sufficient. Some patients have seen resolution of their kyphosis, and others have recovered remarkably within a short period of time so that they no longer need their planned corrective surgeries.

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Results of body pressure distribution

Using the body pressure distribution meter shown in the figure below, we can measure the "stress during sleeping," and can see that the air support pillow not only supports the neck (cervical area), but supports it at an optimal height, and distributes the pressure experienced by the head and whole body.

"The neck-supporting pillow (air support pillow)" reduces stress on the head and reduces pressure compared to "a regular pillow which supports the head."

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