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our intent

“Out goal is not to simply sell pillows!” There are many different kinds of pillows in the world. And there is one thing which we value above all else. Our true objective is to achieve “Sleep for Happy.” Everything starts from a happy night’s sleep... “It is our goal to deliver “enjoyable sleep” to each and everyone who are troubled by it, and to help them become happy in body and soul.” This is what we believe, what we aim to help deliver through our pillows. Of course, there is still plenty we need to accomplish, but we always hold this “belief” deep in our hearts, and we put in our best efforts each and every single day in the hopes that a great many people will tell us that they were glad to have discovered the Nemuri Seisakusyo. If we can continue to be of service to you, in a long-lasting and happy relationship, we believe that to be our greatest joy.

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our message to you

It is our hope to deliver a good quality night’s sleep, to help you wake up refreshed. We want to deliver a product that you can genuinely and proudly call the real thing!
Through our Nemuri Seisakusyo brand, we dedicate ourselves to uncompromising quality in materials that will help to create products(with a focus on pillows) that will deliver an “enjoyable sleep.” We are a company that works hard and seriously, always in the pursuit of functionality and quality!!